Persephone’s Carpet : Synopsis

A Folk Mystery about Time and Family, in 6 30 minute episodes.

Submission for the Audible WriterSlam Audio Drama opportunity.

When Cathy Stone dies in a car crash early on New Year’s day, her estranged daughter Bella returns to Middle Churney, her sleepy Gloucestershire home-town, to handle the aftermath.

Bella reconnects with Olivia and Kate. Though born on the same day and friends throughout childhood, they have begun drifting apart, struggling with looming adulthood.

Bella is determined to return to University, denying Kate and Olivia’s insistence that Cathy’s untimely death breaks the chain of a hereditary sisterhood. She refuses Cathy’s brother John’s demands for help uncovering Cathy’s secret links to legendary local predator, the Churney Cat.

Kate discovers Cathy’s death not accidental, convincing Bella to help investigate. Bella helps them trace reluctant relatives, revisit mysteries Cathy taught them in childhood and deal with Cathy’s final legacy: an immense Planting involving Middle Churney’s gardeners, allotment-holders and farmers, entitled ’Persephone’s Carpet’, due to culminate at Midsummer.

Ultimately, they discover John himself caused Cathy’s death, jealous of secrets from which he was always excluded.

Unexpectedly attacked by the Cat, John’s last words are a warning that Persephone’s Carpet will unlock a centuries-old Temporal Prison, releasing its unknown inmate.