About Me

I was born in Canada in 1964 to Scottish parents, but brought up in Fife, Scotland. In 1981 the family emigrated to the Republic of South Africa, but in 1984 (after an unsuccessful University career) my brother and I were forced to return to the UK to avoid Military Service with the South African Defence Force, then fighting a small but vicious war against SWAPO insurgents in northern Namibia.

Back in the UK I worked at Butlins in Ayr, before training in Computer Programming in Glasgow and moving to work in London in 1986. I have lived in Cirencester since 1994.

I am married to Rebecca and we have a son Rowan, born in 2000.

My first attempts at writing were prompted by the maps and timelines at the end of The Lord of the Rings. Inspired by these, I began inventing my own worlds, drawing maps to describe them, and listing events that had happened to the people who lived there.

After years writing ideas down, I took the plunge with a Creative Writing course at Cirencester College. I have since published short stories in various small press magazines and the rough drafts of 3 novels. When iPlayer was launched I fell back in love with radio drama and I also began writing for radio. I suspect I thought it would prove an easy way to make money while waiting for a novel to be published… I have written/produced a number of plays for Corinium Radio, Cirencester’s community radio station.

When it became clear that bombarding the BBC with scripts wasn’t a realistic way to succeed, I studied for an MA in Scriptwriting at Bath Spa University, taking the course part-time between 2012 and 2014. I graduated with a Distinction in July 2015.

I write scripts, for both stage and radio, as well as short and long fiction.

Published/Broadcast work

  • Anglican Perspectives on the Nativity – short story, The New Writer, September 2002
  • The Rise and Fall of Apropos Warhead – short story, The New Writer, September 2003
  • Remember My Name – short story, The Quiet Feather, May 2005
  • The Gordon Highlanders Farewell to Helpmakaar – short story, Leaf Books anthology ‘The Better Craftsman and Other Stories’ April 2007
  • Phil Mitchell and the Birthday Present – short story, broadcast Corinium Radio, July 2009
  • The Duel – short story, Graffiti 2011
  • Cards for Clara – rehearsed play reading, the Alma Tavern, Bristol, May 2011
  • The Fourteenth Duke of Plimsoll – short-listed for the Marza Story Circus film competition, April 2012
  • Fairy Tale Ending – short story, Far Off Places, January 2013
  • Bread – rehearsed radio play reading, Actor’s Guild, London, 2014
  • The Garden of Earthly Delights – New Venture Theatre, Brighton 2015
  • Three Minute Wonders – Stroud Fringe, August 2015
  • A Winter Wedding – short story, Stroud Short Stories, November 2015
  • The Gasman Cometh – rehearsed reading, Salisbury Fringe 2016
  • Sketches – The Wireless Show 2017
  • Gustav Carlson’s Autumn Leaves – short story, performed ‘Talking Tales’ Bath Fringe, July 2017
  • Tapestry – play performed Gloucester Cathedral, June 2017
  • Chicken Run – article, DNA Magazine, 2017
  • Fog – short story, Bath Spa University Anthology ‘A Place In Words’, September 2017
  • Urbini – rehearsed reading, Salisbury Fringe, October 2017
  • Starter Home – monologue, Bolton Octagon, November 2017
  • Four Funerals and a Wedding – short story, Far Off Places, 2018
  • The Window Box – novel extract, Retreat West Climate Change anthology, April 2018
  • The Destiny of Shoes – radio play, Off The Rock Productions, York, 2018
  • Sky Pilots – radio play, BBC Solent Playwright Competition, April 2018
  • Cargo – short story, performed at Stroud Short Stories, November 2018
  • Nosferatu – monologue, performed at The Cockpit, London, November 2018
  • Parzival – full length play, selected for Bristol Old Vic Open Session Writers 2018

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