Workshopping at the BBC

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 13.54.01To the BBC in Southampton today, to workshop ‘Sky Pilots’ in preparation for its recording next month.

Louisa Hannan led the session, assisted by Neil Sackley, playwright James Barry and Maggie Tarver from Southampton Solent University. I met the other scriptwriters, Ben White (script entitled ‘The Family Way’) and Georgina Pitt (script entitled ‘Searching’, written in collaboration with Gillian Palmer).

The workshopping was really useful, James covered more the radio drama aspects and Maggie the more purely dramatic side. Some very useful suggestions came out of the process which I will need to consider for the final version of the script.

We were all recorded at various points during the day, for broadcast during Louisa’s drive time slot:

Also available on Louisa’s own web page here.

Nothing Is As It Was: Cover

NIAIW Cover FileThe cover for the Climate Change fiction anthology Nothing Is As It Was has now been finalised. It’s a very simple image, a bare human footprint, implying humanity’s effect on the world, as well as humanity’s essential fragility,  without resorting to strident preaching.

The book is being sold to raise money for National Earth Day and will be launched on April 22nd 2018 in both paperback and eBook formats. The launch party will be on 2nd May from 7pm to 9pm at Great Expectations in Reading. There is a library where we will be having readings, books will be sale and all are welcome. The venue is where Charles Dickens used to do public readings

Sky Pilots at the BBC!

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 13.54.01After the thrill of making the short list for the BBC Solent Radio Playwright competition, came the sheer unexpected shock of realising – as they introduced me on the radio yesterday morning – that I had been selected as a winner!

It’s surprisingly odd, hearing a stranger reading your name out, something like hearing them read your name out at the Oscar’s. It was nerve-wracking being interviewed, but listening to the results on the iPlayer I don’t think I sound too bad.

On 27th March the 3 winning writers gather for a workshop to get the scripts into readiness for the performance/recording session on 12th April. The plays will be broadcast sometime in May. I’m already looking forward to meeting the director and cast, as the collaboration involved in making the piece work is often the most fun part of the whole process.

Julian Clegg and Louisa Hannan discuss the Radio Playwright competition and reveal the comments from the judges:

Stephen Connolly, interviewed live on air by Julian Clegg, learns he is a winner:

BBC Solent Radio Playwright

My radio script ‘Sky Pilots’ has made the short-list of the BBC Solent Radio Playwrights competition. I will be interviewed(!), live on the radio this Friday morning, and the 3 winning plays will be revealed over the course of the day. There will be a day of workshopping on 27th March and the 3 plays will be performed in Chandlers Ford on 12th April 2018.

There were over 350 entries so I feel delighted to have made the short-list, especially as I mis-read the original brief – I assumed they were looking for authors with a connection to Dorset/Hampshire/Isle of Wight and not stories with a connection to Dorset/Hampshire/Isle of Wight!

Fortunately, I realised my error with a week to go before the deadline and I managed to come up with a fun idea: Jonathan, a recently ordained (and rather prim) vicar and his wacky girlfriend Lucy are marooned in her hot air balloon when the wind drops. As they wait to be rescued by her ground crew, the clouds below them thin, revealing the most embarrassing of landmarks: The Cerne Abbas Giant.