IMG_0146I have a small city. It doesn’t have a name, all I know is it’s somewhere in Europe and was inspired by places like Garrison Keillor’s Lake Wobegon and Jan Morris’ Hav. I once read a superb short story set in the (fictional) People’s Republic of O, created when the former Czechoslovakia split into the Czech Republic, Slovakia. And O.

I have set a number of stories in my as yet unnamed city, modern day urban fables, owing more than a little to Shaun Tan’s superb little book, Tales from Outer Suburbia.

A Traveller’s Tale – the story of Anton Gobler, the greatest African explorer of all time.

Gustav Carlsson’s Autumn Leaves – a man is persecuted by the painting he steals.

Fog – what architectural wonders lie above the city’s ever-present fog?

The latest Cargo, is a story of a child’s reaction to refugees. It was picked for the 17th Stroud Short Stories event in November 2018 and then published by Fictive Dream on the 14th February 2019 as part of Flash Fiction February 2019.

All four stories are now available in a PDF eBook here: City Tales (Pages PDF eBook)