Bread – Corinium Radio 2015

A rewritten script was short-listed in the Wireless Theatre Company Write Bits competition, which won me a rehearsed reading at the Actor’s Guild in London. Based on their feedback, I decided to re-record the piece for Corinium Radio, as the first in a series of 15 minutes pieces.

Many thanks to my superb cast for their good work:

  • Daniel – Graham Fletcher
  • Alice – Jenny Carr
  • Mother – Chloe
  • Frank – Ian Kubiak

It was recorded in Siddington Village Hall on August 20th 2015 in an internal space with reasonable acoustics (a store cupboard with a thick carpet) plus some scenes recorded outside. It was my first attempt at recording with a Zoom H1 and I am very pleased with the results, despite a considerable breeze there was almost no wind noise on the recording. I plan to do a lot more recording outside for future scripts.

Chloe reprises her role as Mother!