Bread – A Dark Comedy

A brand  new version of my radio play ‘Bread’ has now been recorded and mixed and is available to listen to below. It’s a dark comedy about marriage, money, murder and fresh bread, originally written for Stroud FM. This version was recorded for Corinium Radio.
It was recorded in Siddington Village Hall on August 20th in an internal space with reasonable acoustics (a store cupboard with a thick carpet) plus some scenes recorded outside. It was my first attempt to record using a Zoom H1 and I am very pleased with the results, despite a considerable breeze there was almost no wind noise on the recording. I plan to do a lot more recording outside for future scripts.
The original version of Bread was recorded in 2011 for Stroud FM – as part of a Writing for Radio course run by John Bassett – but I don’t think it was ever broadcast. Chloe reprises her role as Mother!
I have rewritten much of the script since then and it was shortlisted in the Wireless Theatre Company Write Bits competition, which won me a rehearsed reading at the Actor’s Guild in London. Based on their feedback, I decided to re-record the piece for Corinium Radio, as the first in a series of 15 minutes pieces.
Many thanks to my superb cast for their good work:
  • Daniel – Graham Fletcher
  • Alice – Jenny Carr
  • Mother – Chloe
  • Frank – Ian Kubiak

Finders, Keepers recording session 1 (28th October)

Into the studio last Monday to record Finders, Keepers for Corinium Radio.

I was very nervous beforehand, not having met all the cast yet, and not sure we would get everything done in the time available, but in the end all went extremely well. As with ‘See You Later, Elevator’ we rehearsed each scene briefly before recording it, and I had worked out a simple schedule sheet to keep track of which scenes needed which actors.

Corinium’s Cameron did a great job manning the recording desk and Liz was also on hand to laugh at the jokes!

The final scenes to be recorded on Saturday 9th November, and then I have to mix them in time for the broadcast on the 29th(?).