Sky Pilots at the BBC!

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 13.54.01After the thrill of making the short list for the BBC Solent Radio Playwright competition, came the sheer unexpected shock of realising – as they introduced me on the radio yesterday morning – that I had been selected as a winner!

It’s surprisingly odd, hearing a stranger reading your name out, something like hearing them read your name out at the Oscar’s. It was nerve-wracking being interviewed, but listening to the results on the iPlayer I don’t think I sound too bad.

On 27th March the 3 winning writers gather for a workshop to get the scripts into readiness for the performance/recording session on 12th April. The plays will be broadcast sometime in May. I’m already looking forward to meeting the director and cast, as the collaboration involved in making the piece work is often the most fun part of the whole process.

Julian Clegg and Louisa Hannan discuss the Radio Playwright competition and reveal the comments from the judges:

Stephen Connolly, interviewed live on air by Julian Clegg, learns he is a winner:

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