Vulpes Vulpes

Vulpes Vulpes began as prose, a story about City Foxes, inspired by the Fox who trotted past my office window (in the middle of Cirencester) back in 2000.

It’s grown into three interlinked stories. Three city dwellers meet and interact with the Foxes with whom they share the city, in strikingly different ways.

The Newcomer: unsure of her place in the city, startled by the Fox she sees outside her office window, becoming interested – and gradually obsessed – by what has driven them to the City. Amidst growing food shortages, she is eventually inspired by their ingenuity to give up her dull existence and attempt to become an Urban Fox herself.

The Crazy Guy: discovering Foxes in his back garden, inspired by their intelligence and cunning, he begins campaigning to have them elected to the City Council. He argues with passers-by, attempting to persuade them to join the Movement: to vote Fox. Secretly he dreams that should they win, he will become important as one of their earliest followers.

The Lover: drawn to a mysterious female on a station platform, he sets out to win her. Inspired by the City Foxes, he teaches himself to stalk her, track her movements and find the courage to approach her. Their relationship is passionate but brief; enraged by her natural selfishness, he accepts there is no room for both her and the predator he himself has become, ultimately deciding it will be necessary to kill her.

I now plan to turn it into a script and the basic idea has now been turned into a proposal and submitted to Paines Plough for their First Commissions opportunity.

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