Two Minute Warning at BBC Gloucestershire

Back in 2020, BBC Wiltshire ran a competition ‘Ten Tiny Plays About Wiltshire’, asking for scripts for 2 minute radio plays, set somewhere in Wiltshire. I wrote a script ’Two Minute Warning’ about Abi who travels back in time to Swindon Station to warn her younger self against getting on a particular train and thus making a terrible mistake they would regret forever.

My script wasn’t selected by BBC Wiltshire, but as it was such a short and simple idea, I asked my old friend, storyteller Chloe to record Abi’s lines for me. I added in enough FX, trimmed it to 2 minutes exactly and submitted it to the BBC Upload initiative.

They liked it, and it was broadcast on the Jon Smith show on BBC Gloucestershire on 10th June 2021. The whole show is on BBC Sounds here, but I have included the link here also.

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