Lake 32 – Wild tracks and Paddle Boarding

I have been recording wild tracks around the lake over the past few weeks. If you ignore all the car noise, helicopters and jet aircraft, the lake sounds of…. bird song and gentle breezes, as the water sounds surprisingly quiet. This week I managed to get lots of people swimming, paddle boarding, rowing and generally having a good (noisy) time. A change from January when the place was completely deserted.

I had my first attempt at paddle boarding today, Paloma got me sorted out with board and buoyancy aid, but I decided it wasn’t cold enough for a wet suit, which really needs to be wet to be effective. I soon got the hang of it; to begin with, paddling on one side seemed to be pushing me to the other side, but with some practise I was able to maintain a moderately straight course. As it was my first time I stayed on my knees for extra stability. In the distance I spotted a couple of ladies on boards and thought it might be a good idea to follow them and learn from their technique. Unfortunately, they were moving far faster than I was and I never caught up with them. Still, once I knew what I was doing it was a very relaxing experience, watching the lake bed slide past underneath, reflections of vapour trails and clouds from above. I decided not to bring my sound recorder out with me, just in case!

It was great fun, and a good work out, so many thanks to Paloma for setting it up for me. Next time will be Kayaking.

Preparations for my final piece are well under way. My actors have the final script and we are having a virtual read through on Zoom tonight. Lucy is Leaving is about two men moving a commemorative floral tribute (known as a Well Dressing) out onto an island in the middle of the Lake. I asked Paloma and Dan what the island is called and it turns out it has no fixed name, usually just referred to as ‘The Island’. Dan thought it should be called Dan Island, Paloma Snake Island as she was terrified by a Grass Snake there. I might suggest they have a competition to pick a winner (provided it’s not ‘Island Mc Island Face’). They could name it Nomanisan Island after the island in ‘The Incredibles’ or just leave things as they are. There’s something quite intriguing about an island with no name, rare in a world where everything is named.

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