Finder, Keepers

‘Finders, Keepers’ was the first script I ever submitted to the BBC, back in 2010. The story was originally inspired by John Major, of whom it was once said: he was the only man in History to run away from the Circus in order to become an accountant. I wanted to write a story about someone determined on escaping what they believe to be a mundane life, only to discover a hidden truth that they have to face and deal with.

The script wasn’t accepted, but I have always liked the idea so last year I decided to rework and record it for Cirencester’s own community radio station Corinium Radio. It was finally broadcast last November.

Delighted with his A level results, Michael accepts a lift home from his new friend Diana, looking forward to University and a chance to make a life away from his dull home and his even duller parents. Unfortunately, it turns out his home is not as dull as his parents have led him to believe, and an ancient family secret will put all of their lives in danger.


Diana – Chloe
Michael – Paul Dodson
George – Phil James
June – Emily LeQuesne
Kaufmann – David Hughes
Bazza – Martin Wilkie
Jock – Stephen Connolly
Controller – Cameron McGregor

Chloe appears courtesy of Midnight Storytellers, Phil James and David Hughes appear courtesy of South Cerney Players and Emily LeQuesne appears courtesy of Croon Productions.

Many thanks to everyone who helped with the recording!

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