Actors needed for radio dramas

I am recording a series of radio plays for Cirencester’s Community Radio station, Corinium Radio, for which I need some experienced actors.

In the short term I need someone to play a 40 y/o male and a 20 y/o female, for two pieces recording in Cirencester during February/March. In the long term, I will need a mix of ages across both genders.

I can’t offer payment, but they’re good experience, fun to do and you would get a copy of the final recording for website/profile. The process doesn’t take too long, we generally do a rehearsed reading, then record script in hand – no memorising of scripts required. The scripts are all currently around 15 minutes of air time, although I have plans for longer pieces and conceivably a serial. If interested, please contact me on

So far, one play has been recorded and broadcast:

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