The Gasman Cometh – Salisbury Fringe ‘Rough Cuts’

My short play ‘The Gasman Cometh’ was chosen by the Salisbury Fringe for a script-in-hand performance on Sunday 2nd October as part of the ‘Rough Cuts’ event. Frida was played by Kelly Strickland, Andrew by Mike Prior, director Pete Talman. They did a superb job (after only 3 rehearsals) and were a pleasure to watch! I recorded the play and it has now been loaded to SoundCloud.

Andrew and Frida meet by chance at the Crematorium, each recently widowed, each there for their spouse’s service. But they have met before… in the most horrendous of circumstances. Can they keep their respective families apart long enough for their services to take place?

Sometimes, the one person you least wanted to meet is the only person you can talk to.

In the original version, the truth of the dead peoples’ relationship only becomes clear at the very end. After sharing the script with Gloucester Scriptorium, the main suggestion was that this relationship should be revealed right at the beginning, making the story about the need to deal with a terrible coincidence, giving it more focus and tension.

Kelly Strickland (Frida) and Mike Prior (Andrew)

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